2010 Weddings

I am already booking for 2010 weddings.  I'm super bummed too because I've had three people all for June 12, 2010 and two for July 10, 2010.  I can only take one for each of those days. Unless...I duplicate myself somehow and shot all of them.  That would be my secret power if I had one.  That and I'd love to zap myself from here to there in a matter of seconds.  Want to go to Italy for dinner. ZAP. I'm there.  Wouldn't that be great. Anyways, my whole point in this post is to say if you are looking to hire me as your wedding photographer for 2010 give me a call very soon.  As soon as you are engaged.  I should be the next person you call after you call your mom.  No seriously, call me now :)

To all the brides that I've had to say no to, I will miss working with you.  Especially the one in San Diego.   That could have been a really fun trip.  I miss Rubios fish tacos.  And to all the brides I've booked already, I'm super pumped to be working with you and I look forward to this journey with you and your family.  It's going to be an awesome ride.

And a little taste of what you could have for your wedding photographs.  Thanks to Chris and Aleisha for being such a beautiful couple.