Blumer Family. New Mexico Portrait Photographer

As I promised Stephanie...Tonight I saw Stephanie at Zumba and we most definitely worked it, even though I messed up a bunch on my steps. It was still lots of fun having her dance along beside me. The Clovis News Journal was even there...taking pictures. Seriously! The photographer like snuck into the room and started snapping away. I just want to say, that if you are taking pictures of a bunch of ladies all in athletic clothing doing Zumba moves, please don't take it from below. We don't want to see that of ourselves in the morning paper. My tip: take the images from above of dancing ladies. I'm curious to see who the photog will put in the paper. I was wearing my Cristy Cross Photography shirt (I was my own walking advertisement), but I don't think the camera was aimed at me. Thank goodness :) Any are the favorites from Stephanie and her families session. By the way, they have such a neat relationship between the three of them. I loved watching them as a family.

Good nite and sleep tight.