2011 H.S Graduates.Looking Ambassadors

Attention High School Graduates of 2011. I am currently looking for H.S Graduate ambassadors. What that means is, you promote Cristy Cross Photography to your friends and classmates and get them to book a session with me, and in return you get your session for FREE! Its very simple.Interested? Send me an email at cristy@cristycross.com and title the subject: "Senior Ambassador" (based out of Clovis, but photograph from Kansas, Texas, and other cities in NM for 2011 graduates)


I love this V-dub bus.Lubbock TX Portrait Photographer

Aimee, Mike and Meryl-you are the cutest family AND you make the v-dub look spicy :) Thanks to Linda Schilberg for assisting me on this shoot and a huge thanks to Bill Zauner for letting us borrow his bus for the shoot.


Christmas Season.Clovis NM Portrait Photographer

These pajamas get me so excited for the Christmas holidays. It reminds me of family time and traditions of reading the bible on Christmas eve, opening presents, and good home cooked breakfast. I can smell the breakfast casserole now.


Birthday Girl.Clovis NM Portrait Photographer

Happy Birthday to Makayla. We did a family session for the Drakes this week and on Makayla's birthday. Today she is celebrating with her friends and family with a Winter Wonderland theme. I hope you had a great birthday sweet little girl.drake-family-taken-by-clovis-nm-portrait-photographer-cristy-cross

Clovis, NM Portrait Photographer.Jones Family

Had a blast with the Jones family. Every moment was energized by fun times and silly things said by the younger boys :)

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Evie.Newborn

Newborn session are so sweet and adorable. Look at beautiful Evelyn (Evie) Adell. 100% precious.

Lubbock TX Portrait Photographer.McAden Family and my best friend

Last weekend I went to Lubbock and I photographed my best friend, Danica and her beautiful family. And then I had to snag some images of Danica by herself, because she just looked too gorgeous not to. Just to let ya know-I do travel to Lubbock for sessions ALL the time. And there is no travel fee. So...If you want a session for you Lubbock peeps, just let me know! cristy@cristycross.com


Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.The Tuls Family

For the Tuls family session we headed out to Davis Farms. It is full of awesome mazes, and several pumpkin patches accommodated by hay ride.To the Tuls family-you were wonderful and I had so much fun. I enjoyed our time together :) tulsfamilysessiontakenbyclovisnmportraitphotographercristycross21tulsfamilysessiontakenbyclovisnmportraitphotographercristycross11

Hereford TX family.Clovis NM Portrait Photographer

Last week Rachelle and he family drove from Hereford, TX to Clovis, NM for their family session. Here and her mom made this session outstanding with props and super creative ideas. I felt like I was apart of the AIWL shoot again.

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Megyn

Gotta love a cute little girl with red hair.

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer

Last weekend and this week I had the great opportunity of photographing some awesome families.  They are getting ahead of the game and doing family pictures for Christmas cards and just simply updated family photos.  I see these families just about every year (and one is a neighbor so I see them weekly) and I thank you so much for your support of Cristy Cross Photography. Remember this family from the summer?

The Burgins and Bennettsburginfamilytakenby-clovis-nm-portrait-photographer-cristy-crossburginfamilytakenby-clovis-nm-portrait-photographer-cristy-cross2

The Southard family have been wonderful clients since their oldest was 6 weeks old :) southard-family-taken-by-clovis-nm-photographer-cristy-cross1southard-family-taken-by-clovis-nm-photographer-cristy-cros21


And then the sweet Osburn family, whom I call Neighbor



Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Bonestroo Family

*uPDATED:Tara and Gage Bonestroo were married 2 years ago and I was so blessed to be their wedding photographer in San Diego. Look at their beautiful growing family below. The words that comes to my mind when I see Tara in these images is "one hot mama!" I know you must agree :) I loved the location of their session and "General Lee" dune buggy style.

Clovis Nm Portrait Photographer.Zarikta Family

Yesterday I head out with my family to photograph the Zarikta family. Julia Zarikta is the fabulous hair stylist that worked her magic on my Alice in Wonderland Project. She has also styled many of my clients hair and makeup too! She's very talented. And now it was her turn to get glammed up with her family.She took pictures of my family too. I'll post those later.

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Reed Family

The Reed family came in from Austin this week for a family session, and we did their session at the fair. It was so awesome and so fun to see their older daughter get so excited about the rides, especially the ferris wheel. I've photographed her since she was 5 months old. Now she's FOUR!!Oh my goodness time flies.

Clovis NM H.S Senior Photographer Cristy Cross.Boersma Twins

Britney and Whitney are the sisters of Tayley, and Aundi.  I've also photographed their other sisters Holly and Ginny.  Needless to say, I love photographing the Beorsma girls.  They are graduating seniors of 2011 and came from Kansas for their session. We had the lovely Julia with us to style their hair and be the makeup queen as well. Here is one from their couture outfit-Betsey Johnson dresses.

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Shelby

Shelby!! Let me tell you something. You are BEAUTIFUL! Inside and out. I so enjoyed your session. Especially when a 40 yr old dude yells at you and your pretty little self. (gross, considering you are only 15) Yup, she is only 15 people. I did her sisters senior photos 2 years ago and it is great getting to shoot Shelby too. Her mom was also with us and I left their session feeling so loved and appreciated. This family is one awesome group and I've only met half of them. Thanks for your kind hearts and sweet spirits. You are all so beautiful :)

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer. Baby Jack

We have all been waiting patiently for baby Jack to arrive. His mom, Logan a past bride, called MONTHS in advance to schedule his newborn session. She is a planner. I like that. Alot. I photographed Jeff and Logan's wedding two years ago and I told them how I love being apart of peoples lives as a photographer, because you get to see them live life. Now after two years of marriage, they have a baby. These are sweet, precious moments I am SO happy my camera was able to collect for them. Baby Jack was just a sweetheart and I LOVED holding him.  He made me realize my baby (2 yrs old) is not really a baby anymore.  When I came home after their session and looked at Benson, I was kind of taken back at how BIG he is, but he will always be MY baby :)

Oh, funny story too.  You know you are a real awesome mom when you catch your babies poop as he is hanging in a knitted basket.  Yup, thats what Logan did.  And Jeff was a little grossed out.  And I was laughing :)

And, Logan and Jeff made me feel so welcomed and loved when I came into their house to find lots and lots of wedding photos I did for them. I never get to see the photographs displayed in my clients homes and that was very special to me. Thanks for a very lovely evening Scarbrough family.

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Sweet Caroline

Shannon and Ronnie have been blessed with a sweet baby girl named Caroline, and I think their hearts are about to explode with love for her.