Charlotte and her boys.Clovis, New Mexico Portrait Photographer

We almost didn't get to do pictures for the Laughery family. Michael (dad) is in the Air Force and he and his family are based here in Clovis. He got orders that he was shipping out sooner than later and we canceled the session. Well, then they told him he wasn't going until later. So, lets just say Charlotte and her family have some sweet poeple looking after them, because the next day their session was paid for by random friends and I ended up doing their session for them like we had originally planned.Michael is now in Afghanistan and his family is in Clovis. Please pray for their family as they are apart for these 6 months. The thing I love about the internet is Michael can still see the pictures from their session and so can Charlotte. So they will in some way, still be connected even though they are apart. Hugs to the Laughery family.

clovis new mexico portrait photographer, family session May 2010