Clovis NM Portrait Photographer. Baby Jack

We have all been waiting patiently for baby Jack to arrive. His mom, Logan a past bride, called MONTHS in advance to schedule his newborn session. She is a planner. I like that. Alot. I photographed Jeff and Logan's wedding two years ago and I told them how I love being apart of peoples lives as a photographer, because you get to see them live life. Now after two years of marriage, they have a baby. These are sweet, precious moments I am SO happy my camera was able to collect for them. Baby Jack was just a sweetheart and I LOVED holding him.  He made me realize my baby (2 yrs old) is not really a baby anymore.  When I came home after their session and looked at Benson, I was kind of taken back at how BIG he is, but he will always be MY baby :)

Oh, funny story too.  You know you are a real awesome mom when you catch your babies poop as he is hanging in a knitted basket.  Yup, thats what Logan did.  And Jeff was a little grossed out.  And I was laughing :)

And, Logan and Jeff made me feel so welcomed and loved when I came into their house to find lots and lots of wedding photos I did for them. I never get to see the photographs displayed in my clients homes and that was very special to me. Thanks for a very lovely evening Scarbrough family.